Despite what was expected, the Óvalo Aguascalientes México turned out to be one of the most difficult circuits in the NASCAR PEAK México Series championship.

In the stellar category, the pilots Hugo Oliveras, Rubén Pardo and Santiago Tovar took out the breed.

Hugo Oliveras, driver of the Monster Energy Dodge # 11 – 3M – Freightliner – Potosinos – Mopar – Pennzoil – PPG – The BTK, was in eighth place, due to some failures in the car.

“An eighth place that does not leave us happy, was not what we were looking for. We had car failures and we suffered the whole race, we gave everything we had, it was very difficult to drive the car. There are still two dates, so now we want to enjoy and get on the podium on the next two dates, but there is a lot to work on, ”said Oliveras.

Santiago Tovar, driver of the Pennzoil Dodge # 26 – Freightliner – Aeropostale – Monster Energy – Potosinos – PPG – NCA Wraps, climbed from 16th place to ninth place, although with mixed feelings, but very satisfied with what the team has done and their job.

“We achieved a top 10 and we did not lose points, despite starting behind; the car is fine, much better than in training, so the engineer took out the breed. Now to continue training for Guadalajara, which is a track that I personally like very much and we are going forward, ”said Tovar.

Rubén Pardo, driver of the Mopar Dodge # 15 – Potosinos – Freightliner – Castrol – Monster Energy – PPG – The BTK – NCA Wraps – Jacinto y Paz – Sport & Fitness, was placed in eleventh position.

“A frustrating race, we had a good grip car, but we did not have the speed I expected and in the last laps, the gasoline pump failed and I lost power,” added Pardo.

For the members of HO Speed ​​Racing in the Mikel’s Truks category, the Óvalo Aguascalientes México offered them an unexpected panorama during the race.

The pilot of the # 57 RAM of the BTK – RAM – Potosinos, Giancarlo Vecchi, assured that this was a difficult weekend. “However, we started gaining positions, we managed to get to second place where we fought among the first four places. After all the problems, we only have to think about the last two races, prepare ourselves together with the team to give our best as drivers and look for that podium that we have been denied, “said Giancarlo Vecchi after concluding his participation in the penultimate race of the serial .

His teammate, newcomer Emiliano Richards, pilot of RAM # 50 of Hot Wheels – JM Display, said he was happy with the results obtained since it was not expected “to walk so far, we had the pace for a podium, a top five, but still I need to join, because the Trucks are totally different from what I am used to, ”he commented, after being the protagonist of a contact whose result was the damage to one of the main parts of the management, which prevented him from continuing in the race.

“I am leaving happy and satisfied, thinking of Guadalajara, where I feel that we are going to get better, stronger, with more head and calmer”, Richards finished.

Do not miss the penultimate race of the Nascar Peak Mexico Series on Sunday November 11 at the Trióvalo Internacional de Cajititlán, Guadalajara and support the HO Speed ​​Racing drivers.




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