At least 10 world-renowned Spanish firms plan to continue investing in Mexico, the news portal elEconomista.es announced this Tuesday.

Large Spanish companies such as BBVA, Santander, Meliá, Iberia, Mango, Palladium, OHL, FCC and Airbus  continue to bet on Mexico, despite Trump’s measures . These firms have ambitious growth plans and an important part of their income in our country.

In less than 16 years, these Spanish brands have invested 39,776 million pesos in Mexico and export more than 3,500 million a year. It is expected that in the next few years they will invest at least seven thousand 100 million euros.

In addition to this, many of these companies have expansion plans around the Republic , such as Iberdrola, which in 2015 opened a wind farm in Oaxaca; This plant, to date, has established itself as the largest private energy producer in Mexico with 5,500 megawatts installed.



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