For the first time in Mexico Doctoralia , the platform that unites patients with health professionals launches the Doctoralia Solidaria por la Salud de las Mujeres campaign , whose objective is to sensitize women about the importance of taking care of their intimate, sexual and reproductive health and your general health.

The campaign, which started on May 28 and will last until June 30, aims to bring patients closer to specialists from a first free visit to all women who request it. This activity will take place throughout the country, including Querétaro.

On the occasion of the initiative, Doctoralia carried out a study related to the intimate health of women in Mexico, which produced interesting data at the regional level, 39% of the women who answered the survey in the state of Querétaro say that they are not carried out gynecological revision with the recommended frequency. A lower result than the national survey shows, indicating that 43% of women across the country do not. For this reason, this type of initiative seeks to contribute to raising awareness of the importance of taking care of their health for all Mexican women.

One of the most interesting data is that 29% of women in Querétaro have felt ashamed when asking their doubts about intimate and sexual health with a specialist on some occasion, which was well below national data, 45%.

On the other hand, 48% of women show great interest in inquiries about intimate health on the internet. The main reason why they come to the network is the speed and comfort in obtaining a response. Even so, women continue to trust to resolve their doubts directly with the specialist: 65% of female patients claim to do so.

Before the launch of this solidarity campaign, the general director of Doctoralia México, Ricardo Moguel, mentions that: “In recent times we have realized that on our platform we have many doctors who have a clear vocation to help and contribute to improving the health of others, especially those who need it most. However, often what they lack is the channel through which to carry out this solidarity work. For this reason, and thanks to our experience as a marketplace , we have wanted to contribute our grain of sand by facilitating a website from which to connect these doctors with the patients who need it. ”

Gynecology and obstetrics specialists from Santiago de Querétaro will participate in this campaign. The page saludmujer.doctoraliasolidaria.com.mx will be active until June 30. In addition, the initiative will be disseminated on social networks through the hashtags #Yomecuido and #DoctoraliaSolidaria so that anyone who needs it can receive help.

As it is a voluntary action by specialists, regional availability will depend on the participants in the project. Visiting hours will be subject to the availability of professionals.



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