The penultimate kilometers of the 2018 edition of the Pan American Race that arrived this afternoon in the state of Zacatecas are traveled, which, like every year, warmly welcomes the competitors after a long day.

We leave behind the rain and humidity conditions of the past stages, which they caused, to immerse ourselves today in the cold and mist of the open roads in Aguascalientes and Zacatecas.

After gradually repairing the flaws, some cars are reintegrating with the sole intention of continuing with the commitment made this year with all the followers of La Carrera Panamericana.

Such is the case of the Franco-Brazilian crew of Hilaire and Laura Damirón (car # 115, TM) who, after necessary repairs, returned to close this year with the best possible performance and with the hope that, facing the final stage that It will take place tomorrow, some miracle happens to help you get closer to absolute title.

Suffice it to mention that this Wednesday, of the six speed stages that totaled 81,780 kilometers, the pair prevailed in all of them, making them the best team of the day (unofficially).

Behind, the Oaxacan Emilio Velázquez and his navigator Chris Coronel worked very well. The team of the “Golden Tiger” (car # 113, TM), is emerging as the virtual winner of this edition, so it is doing an effective and reserved work, remaining today among the best five records.

His results were enough to be placed as the seconds of the overall of the day.

And closing the long-awaited Top 3 in the Plaza de Armas de Zacatecas, the sea lion, the American Dougglas Mockett and his tricolor navigator, Montiel Iguiniz, a couple who today led the Oldsmobile 1954 in good shape (car # 133, TM).




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