The first 30 kilometers of Edition 31 in the Carrera Panamericana have already been disputed. The Magical Town of Mitla grouped the competitors who for the first time started the engines and pressed the accelerator to face the demanding chronometer.

At 10:45 am this Thursday, more than 70 crews started the warm-up to warm up their engines before the long-awaited qualifying stage. Ricardo Cordero and Marco Hernández from “El Malditillo” # 139 as champions of the 30th edition started in the first position.

After intense competition, it was Hilaire and Laura Damiron, from the 1954 Studebaker Commander in the Major Tourism Category, who set the first guideline for tomorrow for the following speed stages of the first day of competition.

With a time of 7 minutes 24 seconds and 5 tenths, the champions in the 2016 edition kept the Potosí pilot Cordero at bay who closed in second (7: 25.6).

In the third place in the overall classification, Gabriel Pérez was positioned, navigated by Angélica Fuentes (7: 42.1); the local pilot, on board the “Golden Tiger”, Emilio Velázquez and Christian Coronel (7: 43.3) positioned themselves on the fourth step, and closing the Top 5, Eduardo Henkel and Sergio Puente, of the Mini Panam Challenge category (7: 47.6).

Tonight, La Carrera Panamericana will show its best expression before the Oaxacan fans and state authorities with the ceremonial start in front of the Plaza del Exconvento de Santo Domingo.

This Friday, the activity will begin at 9 o’clock. Las Ánimas, Sierra de Juárez, Ixtlán, Llano de Flores, Guelatao and El Punto, are the places where La Carrera de México will start the road to victory.




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