• The Pan American Race will rest in Querétaro and after completing 7 timed stages, it will arrive this Monday in Morelia.

Last Sunday different nuances were experienced in the 2018 Pan American Race. In the first morning control located in Villa del Carbón, 59 crews took part in the start of activities on the third day of competition.

Leading the contingent, who still had the lead after two good days on the Mexican highways in Oaxaca and Puebla; “El Malditillo” by Ricardo Cordero and Marco Hernández, in the Major Tourism category.

However, meters after the start in Villa del Carbón (2), the Mexican crew suffered a mishap without consequences for the members but which forced the abandonment of Car # 139.

With this, the possibility of endorsing the 2017 championship is diluted and opens the door to the rest of the crews that seek to conclude next Thursday in the final goal in the state of Durango.

Without Lamb already in the race, the team of Hilaire and Laura Damiron, taking advantage of the opportunity, were responsible for discounting seconds, taking three stages: Chapa de Mota 1 and 2, as well as Corkscrews in San Mateo el Viejo in the Municipality of Temascalcingo, place that by the way, is distinguished by its excellence in making the best fireworks in the world.

Finally, at the goal arch in Santiago de Querétaro, the Damiron arrived in the first place, followed by Emilio Velázquez, both Turismo Mayor.

And as third parties, car # 511 of the Mini Panam Challenge contingent, manned by Francisco Díaz and Óscar Javier Mendoza, who continue with a firm step after 35 stages in the accumulated.



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