The 2018 Pan American Race left the roads of Querétaro to continue with the activities of day 4 of the competition. As every year, the obligatory visit to Michoacán increases the spirits and expectations of the 60 crews who continue to seek the general title and their respective categories.

Weather conditions on the speed stages continue to wreak havoc on the road. Mist, wet floors and rain affect the grip of the tires, so cluelessness continues to appear along the way.

It was the turn of the Mini Panam of Francisco Díaz and Óscar Mendoza, as well as the Mayor Tourism of Hilaire and Laura Damiron, who a few meters from the town of Los Cantiles, in Mil Cumbres, slipped losing control of El Commander that had to be withdrawn by crane.

Minutes earlier, Benito Guerra Silla and Javier Antista, from the Studebaker 125, announced engine problems in Huajúmbaro, so they missed the rest of the day.

Those who managed to keep the car on the ground with a good pace were Luis and Pablo Cervantes from # 121, who this day took four stages in their favor: Huimilpan, Huajúmbaro, Mil Cumbres and San José de la Cumbre.

For the experienced Douglas Mockett of car 133, it was the triumph in the second pass to Huajúmbaro and the Oaxacan Emilio Velázquez, won the section of Mil Cumbres II.

After a difficult day, the Pan American rally crossed the goal arc in Plaza Morelos in Morelia, leading the convoy, the Golden Tiger of Velázquez and Christian Coronel arrived, who continue to report no complications on the route.

The good news for fans of La Carrera Panamericana is that the French Damiron and his Brazilian navigator Laura will return to the competition this Tuesday when the rally takes the stages on day 5, which end in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.




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