In order to carry out joint research, academic and professional activities, the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo (UAEH) signed the general and specific collaboration agreement with the Hospital San José de Querétaro “Dr. Manuel Borbolla García ”.

At the Tulancingo facilities of the Institute of Health Sciences (ICSa), the general director of the HSJQro, Manuel Borbolla García, and the rector of the UAEH, Adolfo Pontigo Loyola, signed the instrument of support whose objective is to establish the general bases and unite efforts to carry out joint research, teaching, academic collaboration, professional development, dissemination of cultural, artistic, sports, social and social service provision activities and professional practices.

The UAEH general secretary, Agustín Sosa Castelán, pointed out that the objectives of the specific collaboration agreements revolve around establishing the bases and mechanisms, through which the academic and operational programs for clinical cycles, professional practices will be developed, social service, rotating internship, clinical pharmacy and postgraduate degrees in Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine, Nutrition, Dental Surgeon and Psychology.

After signing the general and specific agreements, Dr. Borbolla García recognized the UAEH for betting on quality academic training, with a modern clinical simulation infrastructure and one of the best in the world. “Few people in our country have that vision; what you are doing is an icon in Mexico and worldwide ”, he expressed, emphasizing that this instrument translates into a benefit for the students and finally for the patients that they will attend in the immediate future.

For his part, the UAEH president thanked the director general of the Hospital San José de Querétaro for the effort to award 30 scholarships, of which 15 will be held this year, which translates into three million 540 thousand pesos for Nursing students, Pharmacy and Medicine.

This agreement, added Adolfo Pontigo, responds to the effort that the Autonomous of Hidalgo has made to stay located in the thousand one plus place of the best universities in the world and fifth place in the country along with the University of Baja California Norte, according to the results of the Times Higher Education (THE) ranking for 2019.

As part of this collaboration agreement, the long-term master plan of what will be the University City of Tulancingo was exposed to the authorities of the San José de Querétaro Hospital and the highest university, which has an extension of 110 hectares and that will have a positive impact for the development and education of the metropolitan area, which comprises seven municipalities in the region.

The facilities of this university headquarters will have sports equipment, such as fields and a stadium for soccer and American football; buildings for research and renewable technologies, a C4 or emergency module, and six residences, as well as buildings with 33 to 40 classrooms for economic-administrative, basic and engineering careers, and mainly Medicine.

During the tour, the operating room, the surgical observatory -a unique model that has real-time interconnectivity throughout the building- were shown; the clinical simulation floor consisting of eight simulation rooms, which is accompanied by a debriefing room where cases and practices are discussed, in addition to the Gesell chamber and its control area.

The two general practice rooms, a medical simulation research area, a simulation clinical scenarios laboratory that is unique in the world, as well as the university ranch that currently produces 27 types of cheese were also exhibited.

Source: UAEH




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