Sending messages through applications will be more fun with the new Samsung AR Emojis from Zootopia, since they imitate the expressions made by the user through the camera, offering a unique and creative way of giving personality to messages.

Disney and Samsung Electronics bring to life a series of company characters in the form of downloadable AR Emojis , incorporating them for the first time in Galaxy S9 devices. Now, the magic of this function increases with the arrival of the protagonists of the movie Zootopia.

Flash, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde join the growing list of Disney animated characters that are available to users of recent Galaxy models, apart from existing Mickey Mouse and friends, as well as the protagonists of Frozen and The Incredibles.

To download and save these new characters, you must access the AR Emoji mode of the camera, touch the plus icon (+) that is located on the right side of the screen, and select the AR Emoji Zootopia package from the Galaxy Apps Store.

Once saved, the emojis are easily shared as gifs, videos or images in the selected messaging application.

To download the AR emojis from Samsung and Disney, you need to access the Galaxy Apps Store.


Source: Samsung 



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