In Hampshire County different cultural activities are ready to pay tribute to the famous writer

Hampshire, the English county where the writer Jane Austen was born, lived and died, this year will capture the novelist’s universe with various activities and exhibitions commemorating the bicentennial of her death, on July 18, 1817, El Informador said.

Jane Austen became famous decades after her unfortunate death at age 41, however she had her most productive time when she resided, with her mother and sister, in a tiny house in the town of Chawton, where they moved in 1809, after father’s death.

The house on the side of a road, the belongings of the three women are preserved, can be visited today as a museum, and is an inescapable destination for the millions of fans around the world of the novelist Jane Austen.

For this bicentennial, the Jane Austen House Museum has decorated with a reproduction of the original wallpaper two rooms of the house, where it can be noted, as the main attraction, a round and low table where the writer captured her novels, which were first published under pseudonym.

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