By: Jorge Bárcenas

How long does Nume take? How it started?
What things have they been doing over time?

Nume started as a stationery store selling materials for architects and designers. After eight years, clients directed us to open the design and printing area. This year we are twenty years old and we are on long tablecloths.

Something that has distinguished us is that we try to offer specialized things for architects, photographers and designers. In addition, customers find plotter supplies, invitations, and party favors – moms look for us a lot for the latter. It is a privilege for us to have clients that we have known for twenty years. Some of them are looking for us for different events over time: that wedding, that baptism, that the first communion.

Where did the idea come from?
Nume was born out of my sister’s need for specific materials for her architectural studies, which were in Mexico or Querétaro, but at very high prices. So my dad and mom did a market study and saw that it was a doable business twenty years ago.

What relationship does it have with your studies?
I studied design, and in fact everything I design here I do.

Did you have other work experiences before?
Nume started when I was seventeen years old. So since Nume started, I liked to come. At the beginning it was pure sale: receiving material, accommodating, serving customers. My school of work is this, and where I have trained is here, with the guidance and example of my parents.

I guess they have taught you a lot of things about work, right?
Yes, a lot. My dad has taught us how to order supplies, without overstocking inventory but having what customers need. Administratively, my mother has taught me to meet the needs of the business but according to my own ability. We’re a team. Life is a total learning. Day by day we can learn and that’s why my headlights have been my parents.

What are you most passionate about at work?
Its alot. I love the children’s area. Making invitations for children, I’d rather do that than things for companies. However, companies, for the same reason that they request very serious jobs, are very demanding and represent a greater challenge. It is a great satisfaction to know that the mother really liked her baby’s invitation in the same way as knowing that the executive loved the design of the logo of his company. It is a satisfaction to see that the client is happy.

What plans do you have for the business in the coming years?
Maintain and improve our printing quality standards at competitive prices. In the printing area, we will seek to preserve quality, which is why many customers look for us. In the sales area, maintain ourselves as leaders and expand that leadership in the distribution of material for architectural and art design. Today we are one of the main distributors of Querétaro of the Kronaline brand, one of the best in plotter papers.

On the other hand, I think one of the secrets to selling paper and products is that we know them. So we are interested in continuing to train to continue offering our products knowing what is going to work for the client.

And finally, what is the role that you think women should have today?
Well, I have been inspired by two great designers. One is Amparo Serrano, the creator of Distroller, a company that I find fascinating. She started from scratch and, with her ability to capture everything Mexican in her design –who has not heard of the “Virgencita, cuídame plis”? -, with her work and passion she achieved the goals she set for herself.

The other designer, who is very proud for Queretanos, is Gaby Moad, the creator of Fulanitos. She studied graphic design in Querétaro but from a young age she was fascinated by drawing. She created her characters and saw that something she loved could be marketed: now she already sells it internationally.

They are two clear examples of women leaders who, for the love of what they do, have managed to undertake. So, thinking about the two of them, I would say to women: set yourself goals in something you love to do, in something you are passionate about doing, because in the end doing what you love is the best investment of time. That people look for you and recognize you is a plus, because in the end, doing what you love is the best investment of time. That people look for you and recognize you is a plus, because you already enjoyed what you did.

Thanks for your time.



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